Loosen Up for Better Vision

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Loosen Up for Better Vision

Years ago, I discussed the fact that wearing bras for long periods of time (particularly 24 hours a day) increased the risk of developing breast cancer. And, by now everyone knows that bikini underwear and "tighty whities" on men can induce sterility.

It all has to do with circulation. In the former case, bras restrict the circulation, or flow, of lymph. In the latter case, blood flow is restricted, and excess heat builds up. In both cases, the problem is easily solved.

I have to admit that none of the above are on my list of favorite clothing, but my least-favorite item of clothing has always been the tie. In my book, it has absolutely no useful function whatsoever. New research even indicates it can be hazardous to your health.

Researchers at State University of New York Downstate Medical Center evaluated the results that neckties had on intraocular pressure (the pressure of fluid within the eyeball). They enrolled healthy men and 20 men with glaucoma. They tested the pressure first with an open-collar shirt, then three minutes after donning a tie, and again three minutes after loosening their ties.

Sixty percent of the men with glaucoma and 70 percent of the healthy men experienced a significant increase in intraocular eye pressure after wearing the tie for only three minutes. The increases ranged from more than 2mm Hg of pressure to over 4 mm Hg.

The researchers concluded that overly tight neckties can definitely affect eye health, interfere with the treatment of glaucoma, and possibly even increase the risk of developing glaucoma.

I really didn’t need another reason to avoid wearing ties, but it’s nice to have one associated with health reasons.

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