Introduction to The Change Your Life Blog Series

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Last Reviewed 03/20/2014

Introduction to The Change Your Life Blog Series

What is the Change Your Life blog series?

Change is hard especially when it comes to habits we have been long accustomed to. Sometimes it’s so overwhelming to think about how to leave bad habits for good habits that we continue with our unhealthy patterns. I’m here to help!

Starting on January 7, 2014 I will be starting my new year-long “Change Your Life” series on my blog. This series will help you, week by week, to make the changes to your diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle that you need to make to live a healthier, happier life. If you’ve wanted to change but didn’t know how to begin or felt that you had the support, I will be there for you.

Each week I will post a “Change Your Life” blog post with helpful guides and instructions about better eating, better sleeping, better exercise, stress reduction, and inspiration to be there for you on your journey to a new you. These posts will help you create and reach attainable goals. Meanwhile, through social media like my Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+, we will continue the discussion and support so that you not alone through the difficulty and you can also share your accomplishments.

The only need I thing I need from you is to take a picture now before you Change Your Life. Sometime in the next year I will have a photo contest for the person who undergoes the most dramatic change. Say cheese!

EAT CLEAN, PLAY WELL, RELAX FULLY! Make 2014 your best year yet. Remember, it is a wonderful thought to know the best days of our lives still lay ahead. You can “Change Your Life”!

January 2014 Change Your Life Posts

February 2014 Change Your Life Posts

March 2014 Change Your Life Posts

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