Help ease snoring and sleep better

Megavent (3-pack Medium)-67% off!

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There's a great little gadget called the MegaVent from Sweden that helps ease snoring. It does so by opening up the nasal passages, so you can breathe more easily through your nose instead of through your mouth.

All you do is insert this small, flexible device in your nasal passages. It's made from high-grade EVA plastic, without silicon or latex—so it's soft and very comfortable to wear. Plus, it will stay in place all night, without shifting.

The MegaVent®...
  • Helps ease snoring
  • Reduces nasal breathing
  • Stays firmly in place all night, with no pressure
  • Is flexible and adjustable, fitting every size nose
  • Works even on sensitive nasal passages
Which size MegaVent do you need?

It all comes down to the "rule of thumb." There are two sizes, large and medium. If you can fit the top of your thumb in your nose, you need a large. If you can't, you need a medium.