Steady, natural energy from an exclusive combination of powerful nutrients.

Royal Bee-12 Energizer (30 capsules, 1-month supply)

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Combat Fatigue and Feel Great!

One of the keys to lasting energy is helping your body deal with stress, whether physical or mental. I’ve talked to people in other countries who have used specific nutrients for this very purpose. I’m amazed at the difference each of these nutrients can make so I included them in my new Royal Bee Energizer formula.

The first nutrient is an all-time favorite of mine—royal jelly. It contains pantothenic acid—which is necessary for producing energy from fats and carbohydrates.

Royal jelly is a food queen bees thrive on. It helps promote their longevity. Queen bees start out genetically the same as worker bees. Once a bee has been designated as the queen, a group of nurse bees produce royal jelly and feed it directly to the developing queen. The queen is then transformed into a larger, superior bee. Royal Bee includes 100 mg of a safe, high-quality royal jelly extract called ProfileProven® Royal Jelly. And every batch is FREE of chloramphenicol (CAP).

Rhodiola rosea helps boost both your physical and mental energy

Mental energy is equally as important as physical energy—your mind needs to be awake and alert. I recommend the Siberian herb, Rhodiola rosea, to help maintain a proper balance of stress hormones and neurotransmitters. The research is incredible. At least 15 human studies suggest that Rhodiola rosea helps combat fatigue, increase energy, reduce irritability, and enhance work productivity. And I’ve made sure to give you 300 mg of Rhodiola rosea in Royal Bee Energizer.

A more bioavailable CoQ10 fuels your cells and body

Energy is produced in the mitochondria in each of your cells. But it may need a little push. That’s why I recommend MicroActive® CoQ10. It’s is the ONLY CoQ10 shown in human clinical studies to significantly increase CoQ10 levels and keep them raised for 24 hours!

Vitamin B12 equals energy

No energy formula would be complete without vitamin B12 since it’s the ultimate energizer. When your body is stressed, your stores of B12 are rapidly depleted. In Royal Bee Energizer you get methylcobalamin, the most bioavailable form for energy and mood.

When you balance your body’s response to stress, you will have more energy. And not just a quick burst of energy, but stamina that’s steady, long-lasting, and real—without the crash and burn of stimulants. Feel the difference Royal Bee Energizer can make in your everyday life.

Royal Bee Energizer gives you:

Royal Jelly 100 mg
Rhodiola Rosea Extract (root, RhodioLife) 300 mg
CoQ10 (as ubiquinone, MicroActive CoQ10) 50 mg
Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin) 500 mcg

Suggested Use: For successful use of this product, take 1 capsule daily. A second capsule can be taken for added support.

Warnings: This product contains Royal Jelly, a bee product. Bee products can cause allergic reactions in some people. If you are pregnant or lactating, consult a health care professional before taking this product. Keep out of reach of children.

Batch Information

Product Quality

Scientific Support

Royal Jelly

There was a bacterial epidemic, called “foul brood,” which affected bee hives and threatened the entire bee industry in 1997–98. Many bee keepers used chloramphenicol (CAP) to inhibit this epidemic and save the affected hives. However, the consequence was CAP residue and/or other antibiotics being found in the bee products, leading to concerns for customers. ProfileProven® Royal Jelly screens every lot of material to be free of CAP (<0.3 ppb) and/or other antibiotics.1

MicroActive® CoQ10

In an acute, 24-hour study, MicroActive CoQ10 was compared to a crystalline CoQ10 and an advanced solubilized form of CoQ10. Five healthy volunteers were given a single-dose of either 180 mg of MicroActive CoQ10, crystalline CoQ10, or solubilized CoQ10, and then had a 2 week washout period. The 24-hour results show that, on average, MicroActive CoQ10 was 270% (3.7 times) more bioavailable than the crystalline CoQ10 tested and 58% more bioavailable than the solubilized CoQ10 tested. Researchers recruited more subjects for a sub-study that looked at 24-hour uptake of 60 mg of MicroActive CoQ10 versus the solubilized CoQ10. MicroActive CoQ10 at 60 mg was 168% (2.7 times) more bioavailable.2

Rhodiola rosea

At least 15 human studies have been performed with Rhodiola rosea. In double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trials, Rhodiola rosea appears to provide anti-fatigue, and physical and mental performance enhancing effects.3

Vitamin B12

This product contains a coenzyme form of vitamin B12 called methylcobalamin—the form that is active in the body. When cyanocobalamin B12 supplements are ingested, they must be converted to methylcobalamin before it can be used in the body. This process requires methyl groups (a carbon atom attached to 3 hydrogen atoms) be attached to the cobalt center. By taking methylcobalamin directly, there is no need to convert and no methyl groups are required, making them available to reduce homocysteine or participate in other important methylation pathways in the body. This is especially important for the brain, liver, and nervous system.

1 Ethical Naturals. ProfileProven® Royal Jelly Technical Information Sheet.
2 Abstract: Iwamoto Y, et al. 1975 Jun;11(2):265–71.
3 Brown R, et al. Herbalgram 2002;56:40–52.