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Mood and Memory"Clear thinking" can mean many things. It can mean feeling less worry and more optimism, or it can mean being less forgetful. But no matter how you define it, clear thinking is essential to good health. The first step toward better clarity is properly feeding your brain. Let me explain how you can do that, according to your specific need.

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7 Hobbies That Help With Depression and Anxiety

7 Hobbies That Help With Depression and Anxiety

by Dr. David Williams

Suffering from depression and anxiety can lead to unhealthy escapism and self-medication, as those who are ill try to numb their pain. It is therefore so important that information is made available about hobbies that can help with depression and anxiety. Many of these hobbies are highly enjoyable, interesting, and can engage for a lifetime. Find out how to redirect negative obsessive thoughts into a beautiful and productive life.

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