Is There a Healthy, Natural Substitute for Chocolate?

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Last Reviewed 02/06/2014

Is There a Healthy, Natural Substitute for Chocolate?

My family has taken steps to feel better, look better and stay well. We only miss one thing in our diet, and that's chocolate. Is there any form of chocolate, or a chocolate substitute, that we can eat?


Carob is a great substitute. Not only is it naturally sweet, but it tastes like chocolate with none of the bad effects. It's a high complex carbohydrate rich in B-vitamins and minerals. Compared to chocolate it has half the calories, just one percent of the fat, more than two times as much calcium, and no caffeine!

You can buy carob, which comes in liquid or powder form, at your local health food store. Two tablespoons of the liquid form are equal to one square of chocolate.

Carob is good in natural cookies, breads, cakes, smoothies, as well as homemade fudgesicles. It is one of nature's products that you can enjoy and feel good about it!

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