Ulcers: The Conventional Treatment of Choice

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Ulcers: The Conventional Treatment of Choice

Learn why the most popular approach to ulcer treatment is flawed

Several years ago the Helicobacter pylori bacterium (H. pylori) was claimed to be the primary cause of stomach ulcers. Consequently, total elimination of H. pylori from the body through the use of antibiotics has become the conventional medical treatment of choice for ulcers in the stomach and small intestine.

Eliminating H. pylori often does let ulcers heal, but researchers (and patients) are now discovering that people who have completely killed off H. pylori colonies subsequently develop gastroesophageal reflux

Research from McGill University indicates that H. pylori in the digestive tract helps protect against acid erosion of the esophagus and small intestine. When 87 patients with ulcers were given antibiotics and followed for a year, 21 percent of them developed inflammation of the esophagus, and 37 percent showed evidence of gastroesophageal reflux (compared with only 8 percent in the non-antibiotic group).

Hang onto Some H. Pylori

This conventional medical ulcer treatment of selectively wiping out the H. pylori strain of bacteria with antibiotics ultimately disrupts the balance of bacterial flora in the digestive tract and only leads to other digestive problems. A more reasonable solution is to achieve a natural bacterial balance and healthy digestive system through my all-natural alternative therapies for ulcer treatment.

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