Non-Stick Cooking Sprays

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Last Reviewed 02/06/2014

This low-cholesterol, low-sodium option makes cleaning easy

It's not news to anyone that we consume too much saturated fat in our diets—and that the oils we use to cook our foods are one of the biggest sources.

But what can you use instead?

A quick tip and an easier way to cook something like eggs, hotcakes, or anything that requires oil is to use one of the non-stick cooking sprays. (You can also use the spray to coat baking pans.) In addition to making everything a breeze to clean, you get the benefit of no cholesterol or sodium and very few calories (about six calories or less per use).

There are several non-stick cooking sprays on the market. I would be sure to check the label and buy the brands that contain nothing but oil and propellant.

The only trick to using these sprays is to be sure to apply them to the cooking surface while it is cold. Don't heat up the pan first.

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