Are You Living With A Bad Gallbladder?

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Are You Living With A Bad Gallbladder?

For the last two years, I've had a lack of energy, a full bloated feeling after eating, and difficulty breathing. My stomach feels like it's tied in knots. I can eat only small meals and have lost my appetite. My doctors had me eliminate all sugar, white flour, and so forth from my diet. Since then I've lost a considerable amount of weight and really don’t feel much better. Do you have any idea what might be causing my problem?


It sounds to me like you are experiencing gallbladder problems. Your gallbladder is like a small sack that stores and regulates bile. Bile is a fluid made in the liver that is essential to the digestion of fat. As fat from your food passes into the small intestine the gallbladder dumps in the proper amount of bile to aid in fat digestion.

It's not an uncommon occurrence for the gallbladder to either become clogged with gallstones or the bile to become thick and sluggish. When this happens you can have plenty of problems. Learn more about the symptoms of a bad gallbladder and about gallstones pain.

Sometimes the solution is as simple as supplementing your diet with digestive enzymes. In more advanced cases such as yours, you may need to perform a gallbladder flush. (Get detailed directions on how to carry out a gallbladder flush.) Also consider trying my other natural remedies for treating a bad gallbladder and my additional solutions to treat and prevent the formation of gallstones.

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