Q&A: How Can I Stop a Fungal Infection in My Fingernails?

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Q&A: How Can I Stop a Fungal Infection in My Fingernails?

I've had a fungal infection that involves my fingernails. I've been to numerous doctors and although the medications and treatments they provide usually help, they are always temporary. Can you recommend something that might help?

Recurring and difficult to control fungal infections are very often associated with naturally-occurring yeast, like fungi and Candida, getting out of control.

To treat the fungal infection locally, consider using tea tree oil, a natural germicide and fungicide. The oil is distilled from the foliage of the tea tree from New South Wales, Australia.

Traditionally this oil has been used mainly used in soaps, cosmetics, and disinfectants. Only recently has its medicinal benefits become widely known; as a result, it is relatively expensive.

Tea tree oil is available in health food stores and from online retailers.

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