How to Deal With Sugar Cravings

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How to Deal With Sugar Cravings

It’s only been a couple weeks since you’ve started to Change Your Life, and old cravings don’t die easily—especially if they’ve been indulged for a long time. Some of the strongest diet cravings are for sugar. How do you suddenly go from having cinnamon buns, brownies, cookies, and candy to a diet with a very limited sugar intake? First, let’s talk about why you need to limit sugar.

The chronic overconsumption of sugary foods has been found to do everything from aggravate the symptoms of ADHD, unbalance hormone production leading to acne, and disrupt the function of adrenal glands and subsequently the ability to manage stress (cortisol issues), in addition to being a leading cause of obesity and diabetes. This is why I am so against sugar and cannot stress enough how it should be limited in our diet.

Now that you know why you have to make a change, let’s talk about how to do it. Changing the kinds of snacks you have around you is important. When you go grocery shopping, shop deliberately for healthy alternatives and always keep your kitchen and lunch bag full of healthy foods. Train your body to crave these new healthy foods.

Tips and Snack Ideas

Remember how you used to eat unhealthy snacks as you wished? You were missing out on opportunities to fulfill your daily nutritional fruit and vegetable requirements. Fruit can be very helpful and effective in satisfying sugar cravings and you’ll end up getting your daily servings of fruit in no time. So use fruits to help with sugar cravings.

When you would normally eat chocolate, eat a mandarin orange instead. The fibrous orange will fill you up, and its sweetness will satisfy your sugar craving. Mandarins are small and easy to carry around in your bag, or put two in your lunchbox—one for after lunch and another for those mid-afternoon cravings.

To satiate a desire for an ice cream, put a dollop of peanut butter between two banana slices and freeze them. One whole banana will make up to 10 of these little sandwiches. When frozen they take on a refreshing quality not unlike ice cream.

For “healthy” strawberry shortcake, take large strawberries, hollow and fill with kefir. You’ll get your daily dose of probiotics, too, with this treat.

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