How to Measure Your Basal Metabolic Rate

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Learn about this at-home method for checking proper thyroid function

One of the simplest and most accurate methods to check for proper thyroid function was discovered by Dr. Broda Barnes. Using his method, you can take your temperature and get a good idea of your basal metabolic rate and thyroid condition.

What You Need

  • An oral thermometer

How to Take the Test

  1. Shake the thermometer down before going to bed. Place it beside your bed.
  2. Immediately upon waking the next morning, place the thermometer in your armpit for 10 minutes. Do NOT get out of bed. Relax and remain still during the test.
  3. Record the temperature.

Men and premenstrual and perimenopausal women can take their temperatures on any day of the month. Women in their menstrual years get the most accurate reading on the second or third day after menstrual flow starts.

Interpreting Your Results

  • Normal: 97.2–98.2 degrees
  • Below 97.2 degrees usually indicates a sluggish or hypothyroid condition
  • Above 98.2 degrees usually indicates an overactive or hyperthyroid condition

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