Honey as a Sugar Alternative

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Last Reviewed 02/06/2014

This natural sweetener is a healthy substitute for sugar

Using honey in your cooking is a healthy alternative to white sugar. But don't overdo it. Honey can be just as bad for you as white sugar, especially if you have blood sugar problems.

When cooking with honey, remember these tips:

  • One cup of white sugar equals ¾ of a cup of honey.
  • When using honey, use ¼ less liquid or add 4 tablespoons of flour per ¾ cup of honey.
  • Lower the oven temperature 25 degrees when using honey. (The best temperature seems to be around 325 degrees or lower).
  • If you use molasses instead of sugar or honey, use 1 cup for every cup of sugar the recipe calls for and 1/3 less liquid.

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