How to Make Healthy Food Choices

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How to Make Healthy Food Choices

As you first start to look at your diet and begin healthier eating with Change Your Life, it is a time to learn about how to make better food choices. Making better food choices is the first step to changing the way you eat and creating a new relationship with food.

Food should be viewed as the way to heal and fuel your body, not as an emotional reservoir from which to satiate sadness, anxiety, or other negative emotions. When you stop looking at food as a way to forget about pain and start looking at food under the scrutiny of what can heal and fuel your body, you will make better decisions.

Here’s a Simple List to Get You Started:

White Rice? Choose Quinoa

French Fries? Choose Sweet Potato Fries

Potato chips? Choose Almonds

Sour Cream? Choose Greek Yogurt

Milk Chocolate? Choose Dark Chocolate

Fruit Juice? Choose Lemon Water

Mayo? Choose Mashed Avocado

Flour? Choose Ground Oat Flour

Coffee Latte? Choose Green Tea

Scrambled Eggs? Choose Scrambled Egg Whites

Ground Beef? Choose Ground Turkey

Fried chicken? Choose Baked chicken

And with all these foods, always buy organic, if there’s the option. Though organic often costs more, it is well worth it, with organic foods having, in some instances, a 200% increase in nutrients compared to conventional foods.

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Now It's Your Turn: What are your favorite healthy substitutes?

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