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More than 20 years ago—decades before anyone knew what a probiotic was and before there was any interest in “good bacteria”—I published a detailed self-help program called “The Key to Solving a Thousand Problems.” It explained the far-reaching health benefits associated with normalizing the balance of bacteria in the gut. I described exactly how it could be done and why it should be the starting point for preserving or regaining one’s health.

Restoring and rebalancing the gut bacteria is more crucial to your health today than at any time in the history of mankind. Your physical and mental health are directly influenced by, and dependent on, the bacteria and other microbes that live in and on your body. I am convinced that properly maintaining the microflora is one of the underlying secrets to extreme longevity.

Below are links to many of the articles I’ve written over past years that discuss the importance of gut flora to overall well-being. I encourage you to read as many as possible (and to check back often for updates) and to pay attention to this very important aspect of wellness.

Importance of Gut Bacteria and Microflora to Health

Fermented Foods

How to Buy and Use Probiotic Supplements

Digestive Enzymes


Fecal Transplants

The Article That Started It All

  • The Key to Solving a Thousand Problems—This article originally appeared in the July and August 1989 issues of Alternatives. Though new research and understanding of the microbiome has rendered some of the article out of date, it still holds value as a starting point for understanding the many ways in which gut bacteria influence our digestive and overall health.

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