How Bromelain and Glucosamine Sulfate Can Help Relieve Your Joint Pain and Stiffness


Pain and stiffness can feel like an inevitable part of getting older, and for good reason. Whether you’re working in the garden, playing golf, or simply climbing a flight of stairs, you’re putting wear and tear on your joints. No wonder you’re feeling pain and stiffness in your elbows, knees, shoulders, and more.

The good news is there are powerful, all-natural nutrients that can help to relieve your pain and stiffness. Two of the most powerful nutrients for pain and stiffness are glucosamine sulfate and bromelain. But before we get to how glucosamine sulfate and bromelain work, let’s delve into exactly what causes joint pain and associated stiffness.

Joints 101—how does pain and stiffness start?

The very way your joints are designed makes them prone to pain and stiffness. Simply put, your joints are movable “hinges” where your bones connect. Inside your joints is cartilage surrounded by synovial fluid which cushions your joints against pain and stiffness, delivers nutrients, and carries away waste.

Every time you move your joints, you’re drawing nutrients into the cartilage and releasing waste. But the catch-22 is that when you’re moving your joints, you’re also wearing away the joint cartilage—which can cause pain and stiffness that may be all too familiar.

To ease pain and joint stiffness, the first thing you want to do is to help keep that cartilage healthy. That’s where glucosamine sulfate comes in.

Glucosamine sulfate helps to rebuild your joint cartilage, easing pain and stiffness

If you’ve ever researched nutrients for joint pain and stiffness, chance are you’ve heard of glucosamine sulfate. You may even take glucosamine for joints already. Glucosamine sulfate is one of the most researched and talked about nutrients for easing joint pain and stiffness.

The reason glucosamine sulfate is so highly recommended is it does several important things for your joints. First off, glucosamine sulfate helps to rebuild healthy joint cartilage. Glucosamine sulfate also plays a critical role in helping to maintain normal joint space, which is the key to easing joint pain and stiffness.

To get the real benefits from glucosamine sulfate, you need to know a few secrets

If you’ve taken glucosamine for joints and were disappointed with the impact it made on your pain and stiffness, you’re not alone. To get real help with pain and stiffness, you need to know a few things about glucosamine sulfate.

First off, many people take too little glucosamine sulfate to get any real relief for pain and stiffness. In fact, taking too little glucosamine sulfate is the number one reason why it can feel like it’s failing. To make a difference in your joint pain and stiffness, you want to take a full 1,500 mg of glucosamine sulfate, the research dose.

The other mistake many people make is taking it by itself. As powerful as it is, glucosamine sulfate doesn’t work alone when it comes to easing pain and joint stiffness. You want to take glucosamine along with other nutrients to ease your pain and stiffness, starting with bromelain.

Bromelain not only relieves pain and stiffness—research shows it improves joint function

What is bromelain? Bromelain is a collection of proteolytic (protein-digesting enzymes) extracted from pineapple stems. Traditional herbalists have long used bromelain for its ability to promote a normal inflammatory response, and relieve everyday aches, pain, and stiffness.

But recently, even more exciting news emerged about its impact on pain and stiffness. An open-label study took a close look at bromelain for managing everyday knee pain, with very promising results. The study showed bromelain improved joint pain and stiffness. Plus, it improved the participants’ overall wellbeing.

What’s more, bromelain aids in digestion. This means bromelain helps other joint-supporting nutrients—including glucosamine—to penetrate deep into your joints. This is especially important for people who may have difficulty digesting glucosamine sulfate.

The bottom line is that glucosamine sulfate and bromelain work as a team.

Then, pairing glucosamine sulfate and bromelain with other nutrients can add up to even greater joint comfort

While glucosamine sulfate and bromelain provide powerful relief from joint pain and stiffness, taking these two nutrients alone isn’t enough. That’s why Dr. Williams’ top-performing Joint Advantage Gold® formula starts with glucosamine sulfate and bromelain—two nutrients Dr. Williams strongly believes in for joint health. But, it doesn’t stop there.

To create Joint Advantage Gold, Dr. Williams added other important nutrients to help your joint pain and stiffness. Joint Advantage Gold includes natural eggshell membrane (NEM) which clinical research shows relieves joint discomfort and stiffness in as little as 7 days!  Plus, he added boswelia extract, which works hand-in-hand with bromelain to relieve joint pain and stiffness—and enhance joint flexibility.

Dr. Williams’ formula also gives you Australian and herbal blends which supply your joints with powerful nourishment for greater mobility and comfort.  Plus, he added bovine cartilage, which works with glucosamine sulfate, to help give you outstanding cartilage-building power.

When you relieve joint pain and stiffness, it makes a huge difference in your life!

Remember your joints are meant to move. Movement is what brings nourishment to your joints and carries away waste. So by giving you glucosamine sulfate, bromelain, and more, Joint Advantage Gold isn’t just supporting the health of your joints. This powerful combination of nutrients is guarding against pain and stiffness, so you can use your joints—improving their health for a lifetime.

Imagine how good life could be and how much more enjoyment you’ll get out of walking, gardening, or playing with your grandchildren—with the support of glucosamine sulfate, bromelain, and the other joint-supporting nutrients in Joint Advantage Gold. When you help your joint pain and stiffness, you get back your life!

4 tablets (Daily Amount) Contain:

Ingredient Amount Per Serving
Glucosamine Sulfate (from chitin) 1,500 mg
Natural Eggshell Membrane (NEM®)* 500 mg
Bovine Cartilage 100 mg
Boswellia Extract (oleo-gum resin)
(standardized to 65% boswellic acids)
616 mg
Bromelain (from pineapple) 400 mg
Australian Herbal Blend
(Wild Rosella (calyce), Lemon Myrtle (leaf),
Aniseed Myrtle (leaf), Mountain Pepper (leaf))
260 mg
European Herbal Blend
(Devil’s Claw Root Extract, White Willow Bark Extract, Yucca Leaf Extract, Feverfew Flower Extract, Celery Seed Extract, Papaya Fruit Extract)
216 mg

Contains: shellfish (shrimp), egg

*NEM® is a registered trademark of ESM Technologies, LLC.

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