How Can I Get Rid of Recurring Nasal Polyps?

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I have a recurring problem with nasal polyps. I have had them removed on four different occasions and they seem to return about once a year. It’s frustrating, painful and costly. If you have any suggestions for stopping the problem, I’d like to hear them.

Nasal polyps are protruding growths from the mucus membranes in the nose. They are usually associated with allergies or some other constant irritation to these sensitive areas. As you know, they can block air passages and make breathing difficult. Typically, polyps are removed surgically and in stubborn cases, radiation therapy has been used.

One procedure for dealing with nasal polyps uses a 30 percent solution of DMSO (70 percent distilled water) and seems to work very well in reducing the swelling, inflammation, and even the formation of polyps. Simply use the solution as nose drops, or coat the inside of your nostrils with a cotton swab. You may experience a burning sensation for the first couple of minutes. (Some authorities feel a 10 percent solution would be less painful and would probably work if several applications were made.) Each application should be no more than about a teaspoon.

Don’t be surprised if the stuffiness begins to ease in five or 10 minutes and you expel a large volume of mucus material. Initially, a couple of applications may be all that’s needed; your doctor can help decide the proper procedure for you.

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