Fruit Jerky

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Fruit Jerky

1 T. lemon or lime juice, per quart of fruit
1 T. honey, per quart of fruit
Assorted fruits of your choice (ripe or over-ripened fruit provides the best flavor)

Remove stones or pits from fruits (seeds of berries or grapes need not be removed). Peel or not, according to preference. Cut fruit into chunks and puree in blender or processor. For yellow or light colored fruit, add 1 T. of lemon or lime juice for each quart of fruit. For orange and/or pineapple pulp, add 1 T. of honey per quart. Additional sweetening is not needed for other fruits.

Line a cookie sheet with waxed paper. Pour the puree onto the sheet about ¼-inch deep. Distribute evenly by tilting the sheet; do not use a spatula or knife. When the cookie sheet is completely covered, the right amount of puree has been applied. Place the sheet in the oven at 140 degrees and leave the oven door cracked open 2–6 inches. The fruit jerky will dry in 4–5 hours. Properly dried fruit jerky will be sticky to the touch, but peel easily from the waxed paper. Lift the edge (which will adhere tightly to the surface) and peel it back about an inch. If it peels readily, it is properly dried.


After loosening the edge and peeling the jerky back about an inch, roll the waxed paper and the dried leather in one piece into a loose roll. The dried fruit roll can be stored for years in the freezer, for months in the refrigerator and many weeks at room temperature (70 degrees or less).

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