Fresh Fruit Bowl

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Last Reviewed 02/06/2014

4 navel oranges
3 ripe pears
6 ½–inch slices of fresh pineapple
3 bananas
1 c. strawberries
¼ tsp. almond extract
1 c. grated, fresh coconut
1 c. orange juice
4 T. roasted sunflower seeds

Peel the oranges and slice crosswise into very thin slices. Next, core the pears and cut them into slices. Then prepare the pineapple by slicing it into ½–inch sections. Peel and slice the bananas into about ¼–inch pieces. Then remove the stems from the strawberries and rinse well.

In a large bowl, layer the fruit and pour the almond extract over the top. Chill for several hours to allow flavors to blend. Whe ready to serve, top with a generous layer of coconut and sprinkle with roasted sunflower seeds.

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