Find Exercise You Love!

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Find Exercise You Love!

Most people who can't stay with an exercise program start it for the wrong reasons. Oftentimes, they either start out of guilt, or they want to lose weight. Not that these aren't good incentives, but more thought should be given when choosing a program that will help you stay active throughout your entire life.

As technology continues to advance, life will get less and less physical. Computers, interactive television, and the increased availability of in-home movies will provide new sources of entertainment. Natural, everyday exercise is constantly being reducedwe don't even get up to change the television station any more! This means that conscious, planned, regular exercise is all the more critical. And besides the health benefits of exercise, activity can provide you with a stimulating method to socialize and meet new people or just take time for yourself. Make a point to discover a physical activity that you can continue for the rest of your life.

Though running is a popular favorite for many people, perhaps you can’t stand it. Why not try swimming, which is a great full body aerobic workout that also incorporates resistance training? Swimming is great for the elderly, those with bone and joint problems, and the obese. Or maybe try dancing, take an adult ballet class or a Zumba class. Shop around and look for what you most enjoy and look forward to. I know a friend who can’t wait for her daily swim, seeing it as both a meditative experience as well as exercise.

Your interests will undoubtedly change with time, but if you expect to remain mentally and physically healthy, you'll need to implement some form of regular exercise.

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Now It's Your Turn: What exercise do you love to do?

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