Fight the Flu and Other Seasonal Illnesses

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Last Reviewed 05/09/2014

Fight the Flu and Other Seasonal Illnesses

Learn about cold symptoms, flu symptoms, and how these viruses are transmitted

In the last century, our society has become increasingly conscious of the germs that surround us every day—to the point where getting a flu shot has become commonplace, and cold medicine has become big business for pharmaceutical companies. However, the fact is that we are exposed every day to pathogens—like influenza (flu) and common cold viruses—in the air we breathe and in our day-to-day contact with each other.

How can you escape catching these miserable illnesses? I'll tell you now, the flu shot is not the answer!

Instead, you can defend yourself from the onslaught of germs by building up your immunity naturally, and if you do happen to fall prey to a cold or the flu, you can decrease the illness's duration without spending a fortune on cold medicine, cough suppressants, and other expensive—and often useless—over-the-counter medications.

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