Fight Heart Disease With a Multivitamin

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Fight Heart Disease With a Multivitamin

Without question, the single best thing you can do for heart health—and your overall health—is to take a comprehensive multinutrient every day. By comprehensive, I mean a nutrient that provides the combinations and dosage levels that research has shown bring about positive changes in the body. Many people take a select few nutrients—vitamin C, vitamin E, and magnesium, perhaps.

This is a step in the right direction, but it neglects the concept of nutrient “synergy”—how nutrients interact with each other to accomplish their tasks. B vitamins are an excellent example. They assist in nearly all metabolic processes, particularly the efficient production of energy (so that you burn fat before muscle) and the conversion of fats (so that they don’t get stored as body fat).

So, for the sake of your heart, take a good multinutrient every day.

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