Easing Into Exercise


Easing Into Exercise

Here it is, the first post in the Change Your Life blog series! We are starting with exercising for weight loss!

For weight loss it is recommended that you exercise at least five times a week for an hour. This exercise can take different forms depending on who you are and what you are capable of, ranging from high intensity work outs to simply adding  brisk walking to your routine. Regardless of its form, the hour long, five day a week schedule is the standard for a weight loss regimen.

But what if you have not exercised for a long time? The idea of beginning such a stringent exercise routine may be daunting and truthfully your body just may not be up to the task physically. You may end up abandoning your goals with early defeat. It is important to initially make goals that can be reasonably achieved, in order to keep committed to changing your life. Change Your Life is as much about being mentally and emotionally strong as it is about being physically strong, be understanding with yourself as you begin.

Here’s my suggestion. Over the next week pledge to do 30 minutes of exercise at least three. Build upon that the week after and turn those 30 minutes into 45 minutes and add a day, then into an hour by week three plus one more day. By the end of three week you will be up to the hour-long, 5 day a week plan needed for weight loss.

Week 1: 30 minutes, 3 days

Week 2: 45 minutes, 4 days

Week 3: 1 hour, 5 days

Week 4: 1 hour, 5 days

What’s great about this is your body will naturally crave challenge after becoming accustomed to working out. You will achieve greater finesse and will also be more capable of increasing duration and intensity to your work out as the weeks go on.

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