Easing Into Exercise Discussion

Last Reviewed 02/20/2014

Easing Into Exercise Discussion

So it's been a week since starting the new Easing Into Exercise program in Change Your Life. Let's talk about how your feeling!

A week of new activity shouldn't be showing up as movement on the scale yet but even now you should be feeling some positive effects on your body.

  • How is your sleep? You should be sleeping better, especially on the days you exercised!
  • How is your flexibility? Maybe you're actually a little sore now but soon this will improve and translate into increased flexibility.
  • How is your energy? You should be feeling like you are more energized and stronger!
  • How is your mood? Exercise very quickly improves mood. If you're feel more cheerful it's certainly the endorphin
  • How is your appetite? If you're feeling hungrier because you are exercising make sure it's healthy snacks. We'll cover healthy eating next week!

Let me know how you're doing by replying to this blog or my post on Facebook!

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