My Response to the Dateline NBC Segment on Supplement Safety

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My Response to the Dateline NBC Segment on Supplement Safety

I’m sure some of you have seen the Dateline NBC segment that aired a couple nights ago that reported on the lawsuits filed against the manufacturer of a supplement called Total Body Formula. This product erroneously contained dangerously high levels of chromium and selenium, which caused users to experience hair and nail loss.

There are two things about this segment that I’d like to address.

First, there’s no question that unscrupulous and unethical supplement companies do exist. These companies, unfortunately, give all supplement retailers a bad name. I want to assure you that the supplements I create and sell are safe, effective, and pure. In fact, every formula is triple-tested. The raw materials are screened for purity and safety, and if they don’t pass these screenings, they don’t go into my products. In addition, every single one of my completed formulas are batch tested to ensure they meet purity specifications as well as label claims. Finally, independent laboratories verify all the previous testing.

The second point I’d like to address is the interesting timing of this segment. It seems like more and more news is coming out about the “lack of safety” associated with supplements. This is occurring just as there's a huge push for more government regulation of the supplement industry. I'm not at all surprised to see these types of stories being aired just as the FDA is seeking very significant changes in the ways vitamins and other supplements are regulated in this country.

Regulation is not the answer. Being a savvy, well-educated consumer is. If you buy your supplements from reputable companies, and you will receive high-quality products that you can use with confidence.

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