Crocs: More Than Comfort

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Crocs: More Than Comfort

What I first thought to be a simple shoe fad has turned out to be a solution for many people with problem feet. 

Crocs, those funny-looking shoes you see everyone wearing during the summer months, can be very helpful in providing relief for individuals with plantar fasciitis—inflammation of the fibrous band that connects the heel bone to the base of the toes. The condition generally starts like a stone bruise on the heel and the pain then spreads along the bottom of the foot. It’s most often treated medically with steroid injections combined with stretching exercises, and oftentimes orthotics (arch supports) are added. Many people now report that Crocs are a godsend in these cases.

Crocs are also perfect shoes following the removal of bunions (bunionectomies) or other types of foot surgery. They fit loosely enough that they can be worn with bandages still on the feet.

Crocs are made from a non-porous resin, so they won’t attract and hold bacteria—which can be very important for someone susceptible to infections. This feature makes them great for someone with diabetic ulcerations and/or poor circulation.

Their design allows for plenty of room in the toe area, a built-in support for the heel, and a rear strap that helps hold the shoe on. They may look strange, but they are very comfortable, and if you have foot problems they are definitely worth a second look. The most popular one for foot problems continues to be the "Beach" model. 

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