Complementary Back Pain Therapies Hit the Mainstream

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Complementary Back Pain Therapies Hit the Mainstream

NBC Nightly News has been airing a series on complementary health this week. It got me thinking… alternative therapies have been around forever, and I and other practitioners in the natural health field have been focusing on their importance for a long time. I think the key point that stands out in this series of reports is that the reason these therapies are being offered now more than ever is not a result of government intervention or conventional medicine suddenly looking at the research data and seeing that alternative therapies are effective. These treatments are now being offered more frequently because informed consumers/patients understand and see the benefits and seek the providers that offer those services. It's consumer-/patient-driven.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of thousands , if not millions, of individuals who are never exposed to the benefits of proven alternatives, and it takes decades of suffering and premature deaths before the general public is exposed to these therapies. 

The whole purpose of what I do is to investigate and bring these therapies and treatments to as many people as possible, as soon as possible.  What’s “news” today is generally decades old. “New” to those in the conventional world means it’s finally being “accepted” or at least starting to get the stamp of approval among those in conventional medical circles. 

In the case of the back pain report seen on the news, the reporters discuss neurostimulation, acupuncture, and core strengthening exercises as successful pain relief therapies. I also recommend prolotherapy and magnet therapy, two other very successful techniques in alleviating back pain that the mainstream media still have not picked up on.

Remember, if you are in a situation where you are not finding the treatment or relief you need through conventional means, there are alternative options out there. As this news report confirms, these complementary therapies are becoming much more available, and as the consumer, you have the right to seek out the medical professionals who will help you accomplish your treatment goals.

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