Clear Your Skin With a Good Digestive Cleansing

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Clear Your Skin With a Good Digestive Cleansing

A reader recently asked me about her psoriasis. She was surprised to hear that her digestive health could be a source of her skin problems.

Her problem likely began with all the environmental toxins she’s taken in over the years. As they’ve built up in her system, her liver detoxification system has been overwhelmed, and her body has tried to remove toxins through her skin. Her liver has become overburdened because the most effective body detox system, the digestive system, isn't working at peak efficiency.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, I would suggest trying a good digestive enzyme supplement with each meal. Make sure it contains betaine hydrochloride, protease, and ox bile or bile salts, all of which are necessary for the proper breakdown of protein and fats. A shortage of these digestive compounds is frequently a problem in cases of psoriasis. The condition can also worsen when taking certain drugs like beta-blockers, steroids, and the anti-inflammatory indomethacin.

I would also suggest taking a good bacterial digestive supplement. Probiotic benefits include a strengthening of the mucosal barriers in the large intestine, which can be a point of entry for undigested protein fragments. These fragments can cause inflammation and make it easier for toxins to enter the bloodstream and be excreted later by the skin, causing even more problems.

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