What Causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

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Learn what motions to avoid in order to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome

There are two main causes of carpal tunnel syndrome. The most common cause is inflammation of the median nerve due to repetitive motion.

Repetitive motion involving the arm and wrist can cause the nerve to swell and fill the tiny tunnel between the ligament and the small wrist bones. People who spend hours doing the same action over and over again, such as typing in front of a computer, waiting tables, doing carpentry or mechanic work, bowling, or weightlifting are particularly prone to developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Wrist hyperextension while getting out of a chairThe second cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is an acute injury. If the wrist is bent backward forcefully (hyper-extended), the small bones in the tunnel can slide or get knocked out of place and put pressure on the nerve. You can accidentally do this when you do anything that puts significant force on your wrist when bent backwards, such as breaking a fall with your hand, forcefully trying to open a stuck window, or even getting up out of a chair incorrectly.

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