Boredom or Hunger?

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Last Reviewed 04/15/2014

Boredom or Hunger?

Are you hungry, or are you bored? It’s a really good question to ask and it’s very important to distinguish between the two as you learn to be more intuitive with your body on this Change Your Life journey.

Snacking often occurs due to boredom, and as well all know, snacking too often on the wrong things contributes to weight gain.

How can you tell the difference between the two? The solution is a healthy one and kills two birds with one stone. Drink a glass of water!

Sometimes what we mistake as hunger is actually the body needing to be hydrated, and when bored we pick up on this signal. Drink a glass of water and wait 15 minutes. It wouldn’t be surprising to me if you weren’t hungry after that time.

The difference between hydrating when you need to and snacking when you don’t have to will make a great difference in your weight loss, as well as in your overall health. The body needs water—the body does not need an Oreo!

Now It's Your Turn: What are the healthy ways you beat boredom?

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