Amazing Arthritis Antidotes

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Last Reviewed 02/06/2014

Amazing Arthritis Antidotes

With the severe side effects of conventional arthritis medications I urge you to try these natural ways to alleviate your bone and joint pain.


Researchers have found that ginger can reduce osteoarthritic pain and knee stiffness. Try a ginger tea every morning with breakfast and then later in the afternoon to help with symptoms of inflammation. Simply grate or slice an ounce of ginger and let it soak in warm water, add honey to taste.


Researchers have also found that leeches, placed on top of arthritic joints, can be used to relieve osteoarthritis pain. While sucking blood, leeches release both an anticoagulant and an anesthetic compound into the host’s bloodstream relieving pain. Leech therapy has been around practically forever. It’s still being used successfully in parts of Asia, Africa, and some Arab countries. I don’t know if it will ever gain acceptance in America but I believe it works.

Hot Peppers

What do hot peppers and pain relief have in common? Capsaicin—the chemical that gives cayenne pepper its fiery nature. A powerful, natural pain-fighter, capsaicin has been used in foods and herbal medicine since ancient times. In more recent years, scientists have studied its ability to relieve joint, back, and muscle aches. In one double-blind study, 80 percent of patients experienced pain relief after two weeks of treatment with a cream containing capsaicin. And in another study, capsaicin reduced joint tenderness and stiffness specifically in patients’ hands. Capsaicin is found in many pain-fighting creams and I would urge you to check the labels before you buy.

Now it’s your turn: What steps do you take to make your arthritis better?

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