Addiction to Alcohol Recovery, Part III: Blood Sugar

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Last Reviewed 04/11/2014

Addiction to Alcohol Recovery, Part III: Blood Sugar

In almost every individual with a history of addiction to alcohol, you will find underlying blood sugar problems—particularly hypoglycemia. Alcohol is used as a quick fix or “crutch” to compensate for the drop in blood sugar.

Methods needed to treat hypoglycemia include nutritionally strengthening the adrenal, thyroid, and sometimes the pituitary glands.

Healthy Habits for Controlling Blood Sugar

Those who have dealt with addiction to alcohol should make an effort to do the following in order to control their blood sugar levels:

  • Cut carbohydrates
  • Cut nicotine
  • Eat smaller high-protein and healthy fat–laden snacks twice a day
  • Take glandular supplements (this is one area where I have found the beneficial effects of glandular supplements to be almost miraculous)

Learn more about glandular supplements

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