A Honey of a Cure for Burns

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A Honey of a Cure for Burns

Researchers have found that one of the best and most effective methods of keeping a wound safely moist and help with healing is by applying Vaseline. While it’s true that Vaseline is a good method to use, there is another solution that may be even better—honey.

Burns are one of the most difficult problems to treat, because this type of wound provides the perfect breeding and feeding ground for many organisms. As such, burn wounds can easily become infected, and the infection often spreads rapidly into the bloodstream, which can kill the victim. That’s why, if you have a burn wound, it’s important to act fast and do all you can to protect yourself.

Several studies have shown just how effective honey can be when it is used to treat burns. One study evaluated the effects of using unheated raw, local honey on nine different pathogenic organisms found in burn wounds. One was Pseudomonas aeruginosa. When cultured, none of the organisms was able to survive a 30-percent concentration of the honey.

Another study found that honey was effective against 17 different strains ofPseudomonas aeruginosa even at concentrations as low as 10 percent. 

In another, somewhat similar study, doctors compared the effects of raw, unheated honey to numerous antibiotics on 28 different strains of pathogenic, multi–drug resistant bacteria associated with burns. Only three of the strains were inhibited at all by any of the 11 antibiotics; every single one of the 28 strains was inhibited by a 25-percent concentration of honey. 

The general rule of thumb is the darker the honey, the higher its antioxidant activity. Manuka honey from New Zealand appears to have some of the strongest antibacterial activity, but any form of raw, unheated honey is very effective. So, instead of the heated, filtered varieties found in your grocery store, opt for local, raw, unheated products generally found at health food stores, country fairs, fruit markets, etc. There are hundreds of different types, and just as many wonderful flavors to savor.

Another option is to purchase bandages impregnated with manuka honey called MediHoney bandages.  

Now it's your turn: What are your favorite all-natural first-aid tips?

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