Breakthrough phytonutrient combo...

Covers your entire
cardiovascular system

  • Your heart
  • Your arteries
  • Your blood pressure, cholesterol, CRP, triglycerides, circulation, and much more...

Plus, it's the First Cardio Solution to
really improve your good HDL and reduce clot-causing fibrin.


Dr. David Williams

Dear Friend,

I haven’t been this excited about a cardiovascular solution in over 20 years: It’s a more important breakthrough than fish oil, flax seed, or coenzyme Q10.

Specifically, no solution ever raised beneficial HDL like this discovery. Not even today’s best fish oil. Nothing ever lowered triglycerides or C-Reactive Protein like this. We never had anything that could greatly reduce excess fibrin, which slows down blood flow in people over 50. And nothing gives us the comprehensive list of cardio benefits that this very unusual nutrient combo delivers...

Don’t settle for half-way protection!

I used to take fish oil, coenzyme Q10, vitamin E, resveratrol, grapeseed extract, garlic, and L-arginine three times a day. I don’t anymore...

They’re all good for your heart and blood vessels, but you had to take all of them, and yet your entire cardiovascular system STILL wasn’t adequately covered.

Total CardioCoverTotal CardioCover®:

  1. Promotes excellent circulation
  2. Helps normalize blood pressure levels
  3. Improves good HDL cholesterol
  4. Improves your LDL/HDL ratio
  5. Reduces triglycerides
  6. Reduces clot-causing fibrin
  7. Gives you advanced cardio antioxidant protection (against free-radical oxidation of cholesterol)
  8. Lowers C-reactive protein (CRP)
  9. Strengthens your heart and arteries
  10. Improves blood vessel flexibility
  11. Improves blood viscosity
  12. Shields against harmful inflammation
  13. Enhances your overall cardiovascular health

That’s a lot of pills—and a lot of expense—for “half a job.”

Recently, I perfected a much better way to ensure the health of your cardiovascular system. It’s a combination of two natural powerhouses that together works on every major cardiovascular worry, concern, and health marker.

This combination is much easier to take (only one capsule, twice a day) and only costs a fraction of that big handful of “old style” supplements.

Unique ingredients, superior cardio benefits!

Until now, virtually no supplement could cover your WHOLE cardio system, because great cardio health is actually a combination of a lot of different factors:

You need excellent lipids: low LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and robust HDL. Normal blood pressure is also very important for longevity, and for healthy organs and a good sex life.

You need to keep your “hardware” in great shape—your heart, arteries, and all those tiny capillaries in your toes, fingers, eyes, and lungs...

“With Total CardioCover you get a lot more cardio benefits and save a ton of money at the same time.”

You also need to keep your circulation moving freely—down to your smallest blood vessels. We all need to stop free-radical oxidation of cholesterol in our arteries as much as possible. And we need to curb inflammation throughout our cardiovascular system.

Only one nutritional supplement does all of this, and does it well. It’s called Total CardioCover, a potent combination of nattokinase and amla, ingredients very new to western health care.

amlaTogether, nattokinase (an enzyme only found in specially fermented soy beans) and amla extract (from the Indian Gooseberry), give you greater and more comprehensive cardiovascular benefits than any line-up of supplements you’ve ever taken: Compare Total CardioCover to what YOU are taking now.

That’s a huge number of major benefits for a small, inexpensive capsule of nutrients.

And NO OTHER natural supplement has ever raised good HDL like this, reduced clot-causing fibrin, or lowered inflammatory C-reactive protein in your heart and arteries.

If you have concerns about your heart, arteries, circulation, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.—and who doesn’t—I enthusiastically recommend taking Total CardioCover every day. I’ve switched to Total CardioCover as my overall cardio supplement, and so has my whole family.

You’ll notice a difference very quickly: better blood test numbers after your next checkup. Excellent circulation to your extremities. More energy. And an all-around feeling of being healthier and more vital than ever.

Now let’s explore the wonderful benefits of Total CardioCover in more detail...

The very best health to you and your family,
Dr. David G. Williams
Dr. David Williams


You’ll Have Excellent
HDL, LDL, CRP, and Triglyceride Numbers!

Total CardioCover:

  • Significantly RAISES your good HDL level
  • Improves your LDL/HDL cholesterol ratio
  • Superior triglycerides reduction
  • Reduces C-reactive protein—a rare benefit!

Some supplements claim to lower your LDL or “bad” cholesterol. It’s true that a few, such as fish oil and regular use of olive oil can help—a little.

Unscrupulous vitamin companies claim they can also raise your good, protective HDL cholesterol. This is largely a lie. Until now, only very high doses of niacin could significantly improve your HDL, but most products made you endure frustrating side effects such as the “niacin flush,” that is, a beet-red face.

A few supplements make claims about triglycerides, another important heart health marker.

But until Total CardioCover, virtually no supplement could promise to improve your LDL, HDL, triglycerides, and more at the same time. Total CardioCover works on all three and works well. This, my friend, is a first.

The exotic HDL superstar

A very good HDL number—above 60—is one of the best ways to protect the health of your heart and arteries for life. But it’s very difficult to get HDL above 45 if you didn’t inherit the genes for it.

I’ve tested dozens of different kinds of fish oil, “cholesterol helping” foods, and many herbal remedies from around the world, and, until recently, couldn’t find anything that I could recommend to my own friends and family for HDL cholesterol.

Total CardioCover takes care of ALL your lipids and the whole list of important factors for heart health.” Then I discovered amla, the rare wild Indian Gooseberry. Studies consistently show that a concentrated extract of this exotic berry can improve your HDL significantly.

At the same time, reliable studies conclude that amla also lowers triglycerides as well as C-reactive protein or CRP. CRP is a marker of inflammation in the artery walls, so you definitely want to keep your CRP down below 1.0 mg/dL.

Improvement to your HDL and LDLThere are a few amla supplements on the market, but the problem is, others give you too little amla or a weak extract from farm-raised, not wild fruit. Total CardioCover doesn’t skimp—you get a generous 500 mg of “AmlaMax,” the most potent wild Indian Gooseberry extract available. 500 mg is the full amount used in the most successful clinical studies.

My advice:

Take Total CardioCover for a while and have new blood tests done. If you are like most people, your doctor will be very impressed with how good your health markers are. He’ll ask you how on earth you did it!

And the best part of having excellent cholesterol, triglycerides, and other major health markers is that you won’t have to worry about them. You’ll be able to eat well and enjoy your life—the only requirements are a healthy lifestyle and just two low-cost Total CardioCover capsules a day!

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Total CardioCover’s

From Japan, the Secret to Great Circulation, plus...


100 mg, the full clinical research dose

The Japanese have the longest life expectancy on the planet and the best cardiovascular health. And what’s more, Japanese elders tend to live healthy, active lives well into their 80s and 90s.

Many researchers believe that the key is all the soy in their diet, and, in particular, a fermented “super-food” called natto.

Researchers discovered that Japanese soy natto contains an enzyme called nattokinase that has amazing health properties: Nattokinase has benefits found in NO OTHER SUPPLEMENT, such as the ability to reduce clot-causing fibrin, normalization of both diastolic and systolic blood pressure, excellent circulation to every part of your body, including your legs, arms, hands, fingers, and toes.

Total CardioCover gives you professional-grade nattokinase, in the same high dose used in the most successful clinical studies.

In fact, Total CardioCover is so effective for improving cardiovascular health, you will no longer have to eat tofu, miso, or any other soy product to get the full health benefits of this miraculous vegetable!

From the Deep Forests of India,
the Key to Incredible Heart Health...


(Wild Indian Gooseberry Extract)

500 mg, the full clinical research dosage

It may surprise you that the world’s most potent natural solution for all of the important cardiovascular markers—cholesterol, triglycerides, and C-reactive protein, comes from a remote part of India.

Fresh and dried “amla” or wild Indian Gooseberry has been prized in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years.

Only recently have western scientists discovered that amla extract is one of the only supplements great for improving HDL and LDL cholesterol, and lowering triglycerides and CRP.

Your cardiovascular health will improve—or it’s FREE! Our AmlaMax is special: It is the most potent extract of amla available anywhere. Only wild, forest-grown fruit is used in its preparation, which has a much higher concentration of active nutrients than the lower-elevation farm-raised amla fruit substituted in other amla supplements.

Antioxidant powerhouse: AmlaMax also has incredible antioxidant properties that are very healthy for your heart and blood vessels. AmlaMax curbs the oxidation of cholesterol in your arteries, a crucial benefit for a long and healthy life.

REDUCES FIBRIN, a main clotting factor!Great Circulation and Blood Pressure!

Order Total CardioCover now and Save!Total CardioCover is excellent for your:

  • Blood pressure—both systolic AND diastolic
  • Circulation—even to your smallest capillaries
  • Fibrin level—reduces clot-causing fibrin

We all want normal blood pressure that we don’t have to worry about. We want our blood to clot ONLY when necessary. We want to ensure good blood flow to all of our organs—the brain, heart, eyes—and to our fingers and toes!

Finally, we have a supplement that can really help you in ALL of these areas at the same time: Total CardioCover.

Enjoy normal blood pressure

Having normal blood pressure means a lot less worry. Life is so much more relaxed and less complicated when you’re NOT always asking, in the back of your mind, “Will this raise my blood pressure?”

Blood Pressure ChartWhen you have normal blood pressure you can eat just about anything on the menu without worrying “is there salt in this?” When your blood pressure is normal—around 120 over 80—a moderate amount of salt every day won’t hurt you at all.

No other supplement works on blood pressure like Total CardioCover. In an important, placebo-controlled study of the key ingredients, participants lowered their blood pressure significantly, in just eight weeks.

It’s the nattokinase. Nattokinase normalizes blood pressure by acting as a natural blood thinner; it also guards against fibrin, which causes blood to thicken and clot in many people over 50. And nattokinase increases the flexibility of your blood vessels. We give you the full research dose of nattokinase, 100 mg, so your doctor should notice an improvement very soon.

If you are looking for a natural way to keep your blood pressure in the healthy range, Total CardioCover is the most effective supplement you’ll find.

Keep Your Blood Flowing Smoothly!

Blood Vessel ExampleYou actually want your blood to clot when your have a cut or bruise.

But other kinds of clotting—especially in your arteries that feed your heart and other organs—are completely undesirable.

You also want to keep all of your blood vessels fully open and unclogged, down to the tiny capillaries in your fingers, toes, and the tip of your nose and ears. Keep the blood flowing, and your hands and feet—every part of your body, actually—will work better and will keep warm and flexible.

That’s something a lot of people love about Total CardioCover: As soon as your circulation improves, your arms, legs, hands, and fingers are less stiff and don’t get cold easily. Even your sense of touch improves.

Total CardioCover is unique in how many ways it helps your circulation:

  1. BETTER BLOOD VISCOSITY: In other words, Total CardioCover keeps your blood “slippery” and liquid—not like slow molasses!—so it flows freely.
  2. MORE ELASTIC BLOOD VESSELS: As you get older, your blood vessels become stiffer, and this cuts down on blood flow.
  3. REDUCES CLOT-CAUSING FIBRIN, which can slow down your blood flow.
  4. IMPROVES MICRO-CIRCLUATION to the smallest capillaries in your fingers and toes. Even your skin, eyes, and brain will receive a better flow of nourishment with Total CardioCover!

Reduce Clot-Causing FIBRIN

Clot-causing FIBRINTake Action Now!

Introducing the first and only nutrient that adds beneficial plasmin and reduces clot-causing fibrin

It’s so important that your blood continues to flow normally as you get older. Especially in the blood vessels of your legs and to your heart, brain, eyes, kidneys, and other organs.

One major cause of clotting is fibrin, a sticky substance in your blood that makes blood cells clump together when any part of your body is bleeding. You definitely need this kind of clotting.

Your blood also contains “plasmin,” an enzyme that breaks down any excess fibrin, so you don’t develop unnecessary clots the rest of the time. Plasmin keeps the blood flowing where you need it, all day long!

Want to live long and healthy? Help guard against fibrin, a main clotting factor! Now you’ll have a great natural way to do it.”

If you’re over 50, your body simply doesn’t make as much plasmin as it used to. That’s where the nattokinase in Total CardioCover comes in. Nattokinase is the ONLY nutrient that works just like your natural plasmin to stop excess fibrin BEFORE it gets out of control.

So, if you have any reason to be concerned about keeping your body’s clotting function normal, I strongly recommend supplementing with Total CardioCover on a daily basis.

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For as little as $24.99 per month,
Total CardioCover gives you so many more cardio benefits:

Total CardioCover:

  • Promotes excellent circulation
  • Helps normalize blood pressure levels
  • Improves good HDL cholesterol
  • Improves your LDL/HDL ratio
  • Reduces your triglycerides
  • Reduces clot-causing fibrin
  • Curbs free-radical oxidation of cholesterol in your heart and arteries
  • Lowers your C-reactive protein
  • Strengthens your heart and arteries
  • Improves blood vessel flexibility
  • Shields you against cardiovascular inflammation
  • Improves blood flow and viscosity
  • Enhances your overall cardiovascular health, AND MORE!
2 capsules of Total CardioCover provide: Daily Amount
Amla Extract (from fruit) 500 mg
Nattokinase (from soy) 100 mg
Contains: SOY

How Many to Take: 1 capsule with morning meal and 1 capsule before going to bed.

Warning: If you take Coumadin® (warfarin) or other blood thinning products, or are pregnant or lactating consult a health care professional before taking this product.

The OLD, Expensive Way
to Cardiovascular Health

Good Riddance!

Until now, you had to spend over $147 per month for a
whole lineup of supplements that together don’t give you as many cardiovascular benefits as Total CardioCover.

Ingredient Cost Problems
Fish Oil
Does nothing to reduce fibrin.
Offers little antioxidant benefit and DOES NOT raise protective HDL much. Just a mild antiinflammatory.
Coenzyme Q10
Antioxidant, but has NO positive effect on cholesterol, triglycerides, C-reactive protein, or fibrin.
Doesn’t reduce fibrin. Heart protection value is questionable.
Vitamin E
Doesn’t do anything for blood pressure or lipids.
Only gives you some blood pressure support, if you take a massive dose.
OK for blood vessel flexibility, doesn’t help in many other cardiovascular areas.
Only improves cholesterol ratio.
Grape Seed
Mild antioxidant. Does
absolutely nothing for blood
vessel flexibility.
TOTAL : $147 per month!
Total CardioCover
does much more for your cardiovascular health than even the very best combination of fish oil and Coenzyme Q10.”
Heart and arteries

Plus, Your Heart and Arteries Will Be Cared For!

Total CardioCover is also excellent for:

  • All your blood vessels
  • Your entire heart and its valves
  • Curbing inflammation
  • Reducing oxidation of cholesterol

The heart is your pump. Your engine. And your arteries, veins, and capillaries are the pipes that deliver nutrients and oxygen to every cell in your body.

CRP chart

Your cardiovascular system is worth taking great care of. No collection of nutrients we’ve ever discovered helps keep the “hardware” of your cardiovascular system in excellent shape—in as many ways—as Total CardioCover.

Total CardioCover keeps your blood vessels OPEN & CLEAR

Yes, if you want clean, clear arteries and a strong heart, you have to eat right and get a moderate amount of cardiovascular exercise.

“When you have excellent circulation, you’ll have more energy...your hands, fingers, legs, feet, and toes will all feel so much better.”

But even if you have a healthy lifestyle, your circulation can be challenged: clot-causing fibrin, the oxidation of cholesterol plaque in your arteries, and inflammation of the artery walls, to name a few. “When you have excellent circulation, you’ll have more energy...your hands, fingers, legs, feet, and toes will all feel so much better.”

The good news is that Total CardioCover defends you from all of these and more.

For example, you know how LDL cholesterol can stick to the walls of your arteries. Everyone has some degree of this—it’s normal. What you don’t want is this cholesterol buildup to oxidize, or become “rancid,” the way an apple turns brown and nasty when its flesh is open to the air.

Total CardioCover does a superb job reducing this kind of oxidation—better than any supplement I know of.

Better still, it greatly reduces elevated CRP, an important marker of cardio inflammation.

“My tests recently showed my blood flow and viscosity were both good, and I will continue to use Total CardioCover.”
—Joy Wilson

Total CardioCover doesn’t stop there. It also improves the flexibility of all of your blood vessels, down to the tiniest capillaries. When your blood vessels are flexible, rather than hard and stiff, blood flows much better to every part of your body.

The bottom line: Your whole body will benefit from an improved flow of nutrients and oxygen, and a more efficient way to remove wastes and toxins, because proper circulation does that as well.

Superb Cardiovascular Health Means a Better Life!

Having a well-functioning cardiovascular system can really help your level of day-to-day happiness and outlook on life.

climbersWhen your circulation is flowing freely, and your heart and arteries are clear and strong, you can feel it.

You have a lot more energy and strength, first of all. Every muscle in your body—not to mention your brain, eyes, skin, kidneys, and lungs—will get more oxygen and a better supply of nutrients. In fact, the other good supplements you take will actually get to their destination!

Your fingers and toes won’t get cold and stiff as easily. You’ll know that every organ in your body is benefiting—because good circulation is crucial to everything.

And you’ll be able to live your life free and clear of many health worries that weigh other people down. The next time you get your annual blood work done, your doctor’s eyebrows will raise, because he or she will be surprised to see so many great numbers in a row. Normal blood pressure. Excellent HDL cholesterol. Low LDL. Low triglycerides. Low C-reactive protein. And on and on…

I can’t express how wonderful it is to get a clean bill of health. An excellent cardiovascular report card. It’s an intense feeling of pride—even joy…I want you to experience this for yourself! Write to me and tell me about the improvements you have…after all, the opportunity to help people like you is the reason I do what I do.

The very best of health to you and your family,

Dr. David G. Williams
Dr. David Williams

Total CardioCover Gets Rave Reviews!

80, and her legs feel great now!
“I’m doing so much better since I started taking Total CardioCover, and I climb 18 stairs every day in my home. I’m 80 years old and I get around like a much younger person. My feet and legs always bothered me so bad I could not sleep at night. And now since I take Total CardioCover and my circulation is so much better I do not have that problem.”
—Geraldine Gilbert

Ken NHis blood pressure is down 20 points!
“My blood pressure went down 20 points and I have not had any additional symptoms in the last year. It helps me to know that I am doing preventive maintenance to my body.”

—Ken Novak

Fantastic test results! Wow!
“I began taking Total CardioCover when you introduced it. I had many tests, including an MRI. All tests showed my blood vessels clear. About 1 1/2 years ago, I had an ultrasound on my carotid artery—ALL CLEAR. Then about a year ago, I had an ultrasound on my arms, legs, etc., and they also showed ALL CLEAR. I’m 83 years old and I think that’s a good record for anybody at any age. I attribute my good health in large part to Total CardioCover.”
—Dolores Keys

Heart concerns gone!
“I had an increase in blood pressure, and some issues. I decided to start taking Total CardioCover and after about 30—60 days all of the symptoms went away. I have taken your product ever since.”
—Mark Hickenbottom

Natural blood thinner!
Sheron“I’ve taken vitamins all my life, but this is great! Total CardioCover has actually helped thin my blood naturally.”
—Sheron Donaldson

*Individual results may vary.

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Enjoy all the benefits of Total CardioCover for 7 months and enjoy great savings!

Total CardioCover...

  • Promotes excellent circulation
  • Helps normalize blood pressure levels
  • Improves good HDL cholesterol
  • Improves your LDL/HDL ratio
  • Reduces triglycerides
  • Reduces clot-causing fibrin
  • Gives you advanced cardio antioxidant protection (against free-radical oxidation of cholesterol)
  • Lowers C-reactive protein (CRP)
  • Total CardioCoverStrengthens your heart and arteries
  • Improves blood vessel flexibility
  • Improves blood viscosity
  • Shields against harmful inflammation
  • Enhances your overall cardiovascular health

I am covered by the 100% guarantee!

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